Risk Register

This Risk Register helps you to track all risks within your project or business.
Using the Risk Register, you can identify, track and mitigate risks from occurring.

The Risk Register provides a key tool for Risk Management, as it holds all of the information relating to risks within your business. It also gives you a clear view of the current status of each risk, at any point in time.

The Risk Register will help you to record the following information:

  • Type of risk, who raised it and how it could affect your business
  • Likelihood of the risk occurring and its potential impact
  • Risk Priority, based on its affect on the business
  • Actions taken to prevent the risk from happening
  • Contingency actions taken in case it does eventuate

You can also use this Risk Register to:

  • Monitor and control all risks effectively
  • Identify the actions needed to manage and mitigate risks
  • Report the overall risk status at any point in time

Using the Risk Register, you can identify all of the risks to your project or team, and then create a plan of action to reduce the likelihood of them occurring. This makes Risk Management easy.

Download these Project Risk Management templates to reduce risk on projects.

They help you to prevent risks from occurring as well as minimize their impact. There are three project risk management tools provided here. Firstly, the Risk Management Process helps you monitor and control risk when it occurs. You also need Risk Forms to ensure that each risk is documented and lastly, you need a Risk Register to help you keep track of them all, throughout the Project Life Cycle.